Deposit Takers Core Standards

Closes 16 Aug 2024

Opened 16 May 2024


We are consulting on policy proposals for new prudential standards made under the Deposit Takers Act 2023 (DTA).

The standards will replace our existing prudential requirements. Unlike most of our existing prudential requirements, the standards will be secondary legislation.

This consultation covers the 4 core Deposit Takers Standards. We will use these standards to license existing banks and NBDTs under the new regime.

More information on the new regulatory regime under the DTA

The DTA modernises our regulatory framework to protect and promote the stability of the financial system. The DTA creates a single regulatory regime for all deposit takers. Deposit takers are, broadly speaking, financial institutions that are in the business of "borrowing and lending money" in New Zealand as defined under the DTA. This includes banks and non-bank deposit takers (NBDTs). The regime aims to, among other things, promote the safety and soundness of each deposit taker and to promote public confidence in the financial system.    

Read the consultation paper

Deposit Takers Core Standards consultation paper (PDF, 2.5MB)

How to have your say

  • You can have your say using the online consultation survey. A copy of the questions asked in the consultation is in the consultation paper.
  • You can save and come back to your response at any time before the consultation close date.
  • Once you have submitted your response, a copy of your submission will be emailed to the contact email address provided.

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