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  • Digital cash in New Zealand | Moni-matihiko

    At the Reserve Bank - Te Pūtea Matua, we're looking at digital cash. It would be an electronic version of cash, issued by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, but it would not replace cash. We are in stage 2 of a multi-year, multi-stage process of considering digital cash. We've developed some principles and design options for New Zealand’s digital cash, and we want you to tell us if we have got it right and what it would mean for you. There are many details to work out before... More
    Closes 26 July 2024
  • Deposit Takers Core Standards

    We are consulting on policy proposals for new prudential standards made under the Deposit Takers Act 2023 (DTA). The standards will replace our existing prudential requirements. Unlike most of our existing prudential requirements, the standards will be secondary legislation. This consultation covers the 4 core Deposit Takers Standards. We will use these standards to license existing banks and NBDTs under the new regime. The DTA modernises our regulatory framework to protect... More
    Closes 26 July 2024
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